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Comprehensive management development in Agis

Agis Group has experienced accelerated growth in the past years, be it in business activity (a sharp rise in FDA approved drugs, income and stock market value), in the organizational size (an increase in the number of employees), and professionally (achieving FDA manufacturing standards, etc).

In order to allow ChemAgis's top management team (CEO and assistants to director general), focus on the business development issues, we were asked in 2001 to take charge of a management development course for 2nd level managers. The idea was to prepare them for managing all the regular activities in Israel, and to let them deal with the logistic and other problems caused by the intensive growth.

The management course consisted of 9 management skills workshops, over a period of seven months, with most workshop topics chosen by the participants themselves, to answer their current needs. In the first two months, the workshop took palce every other week, in order to get the process in high gear. Each workshop began with a revision and support session to assimilate the subject of the previous one. At the end of each workshop the managers conducted a "support group", in which they helped one another in everyday management problems, in order to help them become a working team and support one another in the local operation of the company. 

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the process, each participant met twice a month with the organizational consultant who facilitated the course. These session provided the managers with personal management support and consultation, and helped apply the learning from the workshops. In addition, the five members of senior management of ChemAgis were given a course on managerial mentoring.

Following the course's success, and the satisfaction of pariticipants and senior management alike, similar courses were given to other management levels in ChemAgis (junior management, potential managers). A parallel process was done for other management levels in Agis Industries, during 2002 and 2003. During this time, Agis continued to recruit more workers and train more managers. In the course of 2004, four management development courses will be given to 4 groups of managers. We are proud to take part in Agis's growth.