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New Products - Kapro

Here are two examples of new levels developed by Kapro Industries, a measurment tools manufacturer. These products were invented during a Systematic Innovation New Product Development workshop.

Thinking Tool: Adjustment to the Environment
Product:  Shark - a hardened plastic shock-absorbant level, which may be knock on with a hammer in order to straighten paving-stones and building blocks, without damaging the level's accuracy and eyepiece calibration. The product became a hit immediately after launching.

Thinking Tool: Adding a Dimension
Product : TopGrade - A gradient level with eyepieces set at 0, 1%, and 2% slope respectively. Also available in a 40" version, with additional 0.5% and 1.5% setting.

Thinking Tool: Adjustment to the Environment
Product: PosTrite - a magnetic hinged level for posts, pipes & signs. Opens to any angle, click-locks every 15 degrees, folds for easy storage.

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