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Part V

Published in Hebrew in Bina Iskit magazine, October 2001
Part V

In a Nutshell - Marketing Tips by ZOOZ

  • It is important to check client needs, find out other things they might need from us, and whether they'd like us to do anything differently and how so.
  • Whenever you meet a client, ask him if he can think of any other businesses that could use your services, and turn to them for more sales.
  • Want to convince a potential client to meet you? Focus on the client and his unique characteristics rather than on your product. Think about what "makes him tick". For example, when we wanted to reach New York restaurant owners and offer them delivery marketing services, they weren't interested. Only a deeper examination made us realize that they are interested in marketing their catering services, and that was how we got to meet with them. As we said, lay aside the product and think of what engages the client.
  • It is vital to build trust with your suppliers. Help them whenever you can. Sometimes relationships are disturbed by needless acts, such as not paying them on time. Often it's a case of accounting rather than a CEO policy.
  • Things are rough and they may become rougher - there's no magic formula. It is essential to carefully examine resources and check out alternatives, including shutdown. Investigate. Verify. Listen to reason as well as to emotion. And most importantly - never be passive.
  • For those who decide to march in a new direction - use experienced consultants. If you decide to become an exporter, the ProductNet Program offers you the highest level professional team that will do everything to minimize your risks.

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