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ProductNet - Moving the World For You

Part III

Published in Hebrew in Bina Iskit magazine, October 2001

Zfia Gilat, CEO of Industry & Labor Association: A Worthwhile Bet!

Gilat, Head of Industry & Labor Association

The ProductNet project encourages manufacturers to seek out independence, and go for a new product line out of existing means. This doesn't require any revolutions. The Association grants a lot of help in matters of management mentoring, marketing and production line changes. The business owners are the ones who have to make the decisions and invest the required sums. They have alternative ways of action, but this is a worthwhile bet.

Gilat emphasizes that no one is automatically admitted to the project, "but rather goes through a process of consultation, examination of abilities and horizons for success. We do not intend on changing the manufacturer's equipment, but rather their state of mind".

Gilat believes that this is another solution that may assist in overcoming the recession and economic crisis that is taking its toll on small and medium-sized businesses. "Especially today, one must use business creativity, and this project enables a factory owner to become a global manufacturer within six months and increase their target audience, profits and revenues, and especially not to depend on external suppliers".

For details on joining the project you may refer to the Association's economist, Nir Klinger, at +972-3-7959102, or contact ZOOZ Consulting at +972-9-9585085


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