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The ad that really recruited workers

In the final months of 1999, recruiting Hi-tech employees was not an easy task, and all firm's competed over too few programmers. Companies used to print full page wanted ads, but did it mostly for reasons of company image. The wanted ads cost a lot of money, but Hi-tech firms had to put out high commisions to head-hunting firms to recruit the appropriate workers.

Considering these circumstances, we are proud of the fact that an ad of just 1/4 of a page developed by ZOOZ for Adwise, helped recruit 6 out of 7 listed positions. The headline - "A billion dollars a head" - appealed to the greedy instinct of the potential candidates, and got the job done. Adwise was able to save some 200K NIS in advertising and head-hunting commisions.

Adwise's wanted ad that led to recruiting 6 out of 7 positions