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Meditech 'Pharmacy' booth

ZOOZ has been working with Meditech pharmaceutical company (of the Sam-On group) for the last 3 years. Among other things, we help Meditech develop a strategy, shape a new corporate identity, choose an advertising agency and develop new drugs and innovation processes. In the consulting process, we offered to develop for Meditech a unique booth for the annual pharmacist convention (2003). The idea was simple - "Let's build a pharmacy".

A pharmacy for pharmacist, by Meditech

The idea was realized by Meditech's and the advertizing agency's personnel with enthusiasm and creativity. Pictures were taken in a real pharmacy and printed on the walls of the booth. The front counter included a glass showcase, proudly presenting Meditech's new drugs and packages. Meditech represetatives attended the visitors in white pharmacist robes. A sign declared "Meditech Pharmacy" and below an invitation: "Pharmacist's required".

The booth won a lot of attention in the convention, especially compared to the conservtive booths, normally showing posters of this drug or another. Many pharmacist gathered around Meditech's booth, and complimented the representatives: "Way to go Meditech!". That was the whole idea - to make a pretty small and until then inconspicuous company, the main attraction. Small yet naughty!

Meditech continued to use the booth in other conventions, and gained attenion. Did it help it in business results? Hard to tell, as it is only a single component of a lot of small changes the company has gone through, and that have helped it grow. Yet those involved will never forget the process, as it made them very proud of their firm and proved that even a small organization can achieve outstanding results.