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The meaning of ZOOZ in Hebrew is both "to move" and "money". Our mission is to help organizations change and grow, while focusing on the outside by responding to market and client demands, and on the inside by developing the organizations human resources Therefore, our services include consultation and training in the following areas: strategy, marketing and innovation management (client-focused growth), as well as organizational development, creativity and management skills (organization-focused growth).

To learn more about our activities in Marketing and Innovationn:
Check out our team members,
Read about the services we offer,
Examine who are our clients (some of them appear below),
Read what clients say about us,
or write to us.

You will also find articles,
A must-have book list for every manager,
Examples of work we did for our clients,
and information about Systematic Innovation Workshops.

We also invite you to read about ZOOZ's activity in the field of
 Human Resource Development.


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