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Methods and tools for managing innovation processes


This is the seventh and last of the seven SCAMPER conceptual tools. This tool - Rearrange - attempts to transform or change the order, positioning or direction of the components of a product, service, or process. For example - a steering wheel on the right hand side (in British cars), and a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. This tool challenges the conventional product design, and is somewhat reminiscent of Picasso's paintings where the eye is positioned on the stomach, and the leg can be seen protruding from the head. 


The stages of how Rearrange works:

  1. The first stage is choosing a product, service or process. 
  2. The second stage is writing down the internal components (tangible and abstract). 
  3. The third stage is finding a way to organize the components differently (upside-down, for example). 
  4. The fourth stage, the new look of the product/service/process is demonstrated, and the benefits are identified.

 Example 1:

  • The existing product: An apartment building 
  • Internal components: An entrance, stairs, an elevator, apartments, a roof, a garden, a yard, balconies, piping, and walls. 
  • Innovations that apartment buildings have already undergone:
    • A main entrance on the upper floor (in buildings built on the slope of a hill). 
    • Piping that is visible and exposed, running on the outside of the walls (such as in the Pompidou Center in Paris). 
    • External stairs or elevator on the front of the building (for example, an elevator that was added to improve the building). 
    • A garden on the roof (in penthouses, for example.
  • Innovations that commercial websites have not yet undergone (to the best of our knowledge):
    • Apartments that only begin from the tenth floor (the bottom part of the building is constructed of columns and support structures, and all of the tenants have a view). 
    • A main entrance at the back of the building (inconvenient, but provides a sense of protection). 
    • Stairs inside the elevator (to exercise going up and down stairs, even in a multi-story building). 
    • Sun porches for every tenant on the roof (instead of a shared roof).

Example 2:

  • The service: A cinema.
  • Components of the service: box offices, tickets, movie theater, seats, movies, numbers on the seats, an usher, a screen, a film, a projector, a snack bar, intermission, commercials, a stage, the floor, exit doors.
  • Innovations that a cinema has already undergone:
    • A rounded screen (for 3D viewing). 
    • Seats arranged around tables (giving the sense of being in a living room, like at Feature, for example). 
    • Outdoor viewing, instead of inside a movie theater (like at a drive in, or at the beach, for example).
  • Innovations that the cinema has not yet undergone (to the best of our knowledge):
    • Horizontal seats (like beds), with the screening on the ceiling
    • A screen and earphones at each seat (like the ones on airplanes, but in a regular theater every viewer can choose a different movie, for example a son and a father can each choose their own movie). 
    • "Seat Hunt" - the chair numbers are out of order, and each viewer has to search for his seat (an introduction game that involves the audience).
    • "All you can watch" - a movie theater complex where you pay once and you watch as many movies in as many theatres as you wish (the seats are unmarked). 
    • Commercials at the end of the movie screened on the exit doors (or exit area).


What's new at ZOOZ

Activities with the Army and the Ministry of Defense

ZOOZ recently received the status of a Ministry of Defense recognized supplier. Our supplier number is 83526308, and now security bodies and I.D.F. units can enjoy our services. We have previously worked with Rafael (Armament Development Authority), the Israel Aerospace Industries, and with other companies in the security industry, but now it's easier for government clients to requisition our services. Here are a number of services that ZOOZ offers that may be relevant to clients in the security industry:


  • Technological Problem Solving course and support with deciphering real-time problems. (Details - Hebrew PDF) 
  • Leadership training sessions. (Details - Hebrew PDF) 
  • Decision-making seminars combined with intellectual games. (Details - Hebrew PDF) 
  • Team development and organizational development. (Details - Hebrew PDF) 

  • If you require assistance in this field, contact us


A creative advertisement and its logic

Changing During Movement


A commercial advertisement can also be dynamic, and its message can be gradually revealed. A more surprising advertisement is created in this manner, and the message is more effectively internalized. It's possible to create a dynamic advertisement using a billboard, for example. The advertisement on the right demonstrates this. 



The driver driving along a rural road in France sees a black stain on a white shirt. While the driver approaches the sign he surprisingly notices that the stain (actually placed on a separate post) gradually moves to the right. In the end, the stain is completely "removed" from the shirt. At this stage the driver passes the actual sign - and the advertising message is revealed: Ariel washing powder removes stains easily and effectively. The text in the ad only reinforces the message and says: "It's so simple!" So who said that only Ya'akov Agam can create kinetic works of art? Advertising agents can also do it, meanwhile providing an excellent service to the advertiser..


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